MedMen is sort of like the Starbucks of the cannabis industry. Its popular San Jose location, boasting now-iconic red and white signage, is one of 32 retail stores owned and operated by the Culver City parent company. Nobody is bigger than MedMen; its chain of dispensaries and cultivation facilities boasts over 1,000 employees, and its stock is actively traded on both Canadian and American financial exchanges. The growing company was co-founded by Adam Bierman and Andrew Modlin in 2010. The pair say that they saw a unique business opportunity in the emerging cannabis industry, and a chance to redefine the country’s relationship with the potentially magical green plant. They succeeded beyond measure.  Today, MedMen has dispensaries and cultivation facilities in Nevada, Arizona, Florida, Illinois, New York, Massachusetts, and of course, California. Bierman and Modlin founded their burgeoning company with the vision of destigmatizing cannabis by providing a welcoming and accessible shopping environment. The pair work to ensure that each of their stores provides high-quality, fully tested products with education, curation, and transparency. MedMen has become one of the most trusted names in cannabis, and its San Jose dispensary provides the shopping experience the company is known for.

Hours: 9am-9pm every day.

Ordering: In-store, curbside pickup and delivery (12pm-8pm every day).

Deals and Steals: “Buds” rewards program: Earn 200 points for $5 reward.