Looking for a new way to enjoy 4/20 this year? In recent decades, thanks to stoner scientists, we have learned about the seemingly unlimited positive uses of CBD and learned to differentiate it from THC (I’m team THC). Both molecules extract easily from flower to be repackaged as gummies, drinks, tinctures and vape oil. 

But it turns out there is so much more. Just like the endless assembly of quarks in particle physics, each layer of cannabis chemistry explored reveals further layers of complexity. Which brings us to … the cannabinoids! CBN, CBG, THCA, THCB, THCL, oh my!

Expect to see some of these molecules featured in this column over the coming months.

For this month of 4/20, try a new cannabinoid: THCV.

Solful in Sebastopol, one of my favorite North Bay dispensaries, has recently focused its customer education on THCV. This cannabinoid is said to be highly energizing without getting you too high, making it a great substitute to caffeine for that afternoon boost use-case. According to Solful’s website, THCV is “reported to suppress appetite, boost energy and improve focus.” That it can suppress appetite is a BIG plus for us older cannabis users. It can also reduce the effects of THC at low concentrations. And in good news for practical jokers, at higher concentrations, THCV actually amplifies the psychoactive effects of THC. So have fun negotiating that fine line.

Speaking recently with Solful co-founder, Eli Melrod, he reported customer excitement about THCV’s effects. In particular, Melrod caught my attention with his descriptions of a strain grown by Emerald Spirit Botanicals called “pink boost goddess,” the record holder for THCV concentration in a flower. “It’s about like 6, 7 or 8% THCV [with] 10 to 15%, THC but it’s just spectacular; it’s really unique,” he said. “[Usually] you’ll see half a percent to 1% THCV.”

“It’s honestly one of the most marvelous experiences I’ve ever tried. [You] get a very different effect profile than you get with a straight THC flower,” he said, before telling me Solful has it in stock as flower and a tincture. I’m like, “Dang man, where’s my keys?”

Have a favorite cannabinoid that isn’t THC or CBD? Write in with your story. 

Originally posted on Bohemian.com